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PlagPrevent is technology at the service of research; a completely automated SAAS system for the prevention and control of plagiarism developed by the latest technologies so that plagiarism detection becomes a solution and not a mission for the teacher.

PlagPrevent Features

Illuminate the world with new ideas

Deep analyze

Advanced algorithm

Extensive database

Detailed reports

Artificial Intelligence Input Detection

Artificial Intelligence Input Detection

Direct writing to the system

Detection of fraud attempts

Download files in different formats

File privatizations

Possibility of reanalysis

Compatible with all languages


No to plagiarism, yes to an honesty system

PlagPrevent  is a revolutionary platform specializing in similarity detection, developed with the aim of preventing and combating plagiarism in the education, research and content production sectors. Introduced in 2008, PlagPrevent quickly emerged as a major player in safeguarding intellectual and artistic honesty.




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We have many times to offer different types of communication with us to fulfill your requests, appointments and other offers and you will provide the necessary with the security of the system. We need to use this device to detect similar problems.

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PlagPrevent Tunisia: protect your personal content

We are pleased to offer you a variety of ways to contact us to address your questions, concerns, and support needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of PlagPrevent and supporting you in using our similarity detection platform.

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