PlagPrevent  is an innovative similarity detection platform designed to prevent and counter plagiarism in education, research and content creation. Launched in 2008, PlagPrevent has quickly established itself as a leading player in preserving academic and creative integrity.


PlagPrevent’s mission is to promote originality, intellectual honesty and respect for copyright by providing a high-quality similarity detection solution. The platform aims to help educators, researchers, and creators prevent plagiarism, raise awareness of the importance of academic integrity, and foster the creation of authentic content.


PlagPrevent’s vision is to become the preferred choice of educators, academic institutions, publishers and content creation professionals for similarity detection. The platform aspires to play a vital role in preserving intellectual integrity globally.


PlagPrevent’s core values include commitment to quality, accuracy, data privacy, ethics, continuous innovation and user satisfaction. The company believes in social and environmental responsibility and strives to contribute positively to the educational community and society at large.

Key Innovations

PlagPrevent stands out for its key technological innovations.

Extensive Database

PlagPrevent has an extensive database, regularly updated with new relevant documents. This diverse database allows the platform to detect similarities, even in specific knowledge areas and less common content

Educational Integrations

PlagPrevent offers integrations with commonly used content management systems and educational platforms. This feature allows teachers and educators to easily review student work submissions, promote academic integrity, and simplify the grading process.

Advanced Algorithm

The platform uses a sophisticated algorithm that goes beyond simple keyword comparison. It takes into account text structure, vocabulary, syntax and overall context to identify similarities, enabling more reliable and accurate detection.

Confidentiality of documents

Protecting the confidentiality of submitted documents is a priority for PlagPrevent. Advanced security measures are put in place to ensure that users' sensitive data and intellectual property are preserved.

Plagprevent shines in the field of education and research

Plagprevent has received awards and certificates for its dedication to providing quality, innovation and contributing to the prevention of plagiarism. These estimates attest to the positive impact of the platform in the field of education and research.

Plagprevent is proud of its journey and is committed to continuous innovation to meet the changing needs of its users and maintain its commitment to intellectual integrity.

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