Characteristics of PlagPrevent

Detection of Plagiarism by Omission

PlagPrevent detects plagiarism by omission, where words, sentences or paragraphs from a source are used without citation. We help you ensure every source is correctly attributed

Copy-Paste Cloning Detection

PlagPrevent excels at detecting the most obvious plagiarism, where snippets of text are copied and pasted without attribution. Our platform identifies these similarities and helps you prevent blatant plagiarism

Collusion Detection

PlagPrevent is able to detect when multiple students collaborate inappropriately to produce similar work. We help you preserve the individuality of each academic contribution.

Mix Detection

Mixing texts from various sources is also detected by PlagPrevent. We identify cases where parts of multiple texts are combined to create new, but not original, content

Prevention of Self-Plagiarism / Recycling

We help prevent self-plagiarism by spotting previously submitted work, ensuring that each work is original

Detection of Unintentional Plagiarism

Our platform can also spot unintentional plagiarism, where students may unknowingly reuse pre-existing ideas. We encourage the creation of authentic ideas

Plagiarism Detection by Translation

We identify cases of plagiarism by translation, where a text is plagiarized in one language, then translated into another

Checking Web Links

PlagPrevent also checks cited web links to avoid common errors such as 404 “File Not Found” pages.

Plagiarism Detection with AI Editing

We are aware of new forms of plagiarism with the use of AI. PlagPrevent remains at the forefront of detection to ensure academic integrity

Fight against Plagiarism by Ghostwriting

PlagPrevent helps prevent plagiarism through ghostwriting by identifying work written by unauthorized third parties.

Possibility of reanalysis

Allow users to resubmit a document or file for additional analysis or review if they need to correct or improve the initial results or perform additional review of the file.

Support for all languages

It is the ability of the system or application to process and understand texts and content in all languages without any restrictions. This feature allows users to interact easily regardless of the language they are using

Download files in different formats

Files can be uploaded in different formats on the platform   It includes a variety of document formats including: .doc, .docx, .odt, .sxw, .txt, .ppt, .pps, .xls, .xlsx, . ods, .odf, .rtf, PDF, LaTeX., .html, .htm, .sxd, .odp, PDF created by Adobe Acrobat, PDF created by LaTeX, as well as around twenty other formats.

File privatization

the “Plagprevent Tunisia” platform allows users to keep their files private, preventing them from being used for future comparisons in plagiarism or cheating detection analyzes

Artificial intelligence keystroke detection

Plagiarism detection by artificial intelligence on the Plagprevent Tunisia platform uses advanced AI techniques to spot any form of cheating or plagiarism in submitted academic work. This feature improves academic integrity by efficiently and accurately identifying similarities and unauthorized citations

Detect fraud attempts

Plagprevent Tunisia uses a similarity detection system to prevent fraud and manipulation. This system monitors similarities between works, ensuring integrity and fairness in assessment. It also helps maintain the quality of education by combating cheating and fraud

Direct writing to the system

Direct writing on the Plagprevent Tunisia platform means recording reports directly on the user interface, without the need for mediation or additional tools. This allows for quick and precise interaction with the platform based on user needs.

Account hierarchy

The account hierarchy on the Plagprevent Tunisia platform is a system organized into access levels, allowing activities and data to be efficiently managed, while improving security and control of access to platform resources.

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